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Breeding pedigree Persian cats in Bicolour (Van, Harlequin and Classic patterns) Self & NonSelf, Chinchilla, Silver & Golden.


We have been breeding persians since we got our first prefix, Poohcorner Persians, in 1990.   However, after our move to Cornwall from Bedfordshire in 2001, our elimination of any PKD positive cats in early 2005  by neutering and keeping them as healthy pets, and the purchase of a small number of cats with  wonderful International pedigrees, we felt it was time for a new image and so Demelza Persians was born.   

Our home

Demelza is a tiny hamlet about two miles from us here in Mid Cornwall, and was always one of our favourite girls names since the 1970s and the Poldark series.  It was only our seventh choice of prefix from the GCCF, but it is what we were given. We have now stopped breeding under the prefix of Poohcorner, all our kittens carry the "Demelza" prefix.

Seagull on the clifftop at Port Isaac

 We have five "children" -

Caleb, who is 42 who  left the Navy after twenty-two years and has a son Kieran Grenfell aged nineteen and another, Dylan Harley
aged    seven.

Damian 40 is a Corgi gas engineer who lives in Stoke upon Trent.
He has a young family, our first granddaughter, Brooke Skye, born in November 2009, a son, Hayden Lewis, aged four.

Rhiannon 39, who is a senior paediatric nursing sister in Hertfordshire ,  and is married to Chris. They had their  first baby, Luke Christopher, on 24th August 2008 and a much longed for daughter, Sienna Bethany on 21st December 2010.

Charlotte is also 39 who works as a clients services advisor for an Environmental Health Consultancy. She lives with her fiance, Guy.

Genevieve, who is 34 and who works in media in Soho, London. Genevieve is married to Chris...they married in June 2010 and have a precious son, Sebastian Lewis born on 23rd April 2013.

We have  three dogs, Ruan, a Shih Tzu born in June 2011, pictured here on his first visit to the beach,  Merryn, another Shih-Tzu who is three and a half years old and her daughter Kensa who is fifteen months of age.



Mother and Baby

These are the dogs who share our lives too..... Ruan a Shih-Tzu - Merryn, a Shih-Tzu and her daughter Kensa
Our house is shared by our cats...they are not kept in catteries, although we have several of these for mating purposes...they are never out there for more than a very few days.  We have several  oldies and treasure all our felines.

When people enquire about owning a Demelza kitten they are questioned closely about their lifestyle, to ensure the kitten and new owners would be suited for a happy life....kittens are generally better either in pairs or where there is a pre-existing cat in the family.  A non-refundable deposit of £150  is required before the kitten is considered booked, and this
is non-refundable, except if the breeder is unable to supply the kitten, of course.

We want our kittens to have long and happy lives in their new homes, with only cat-safe gardens should the new owner want to allow the cat out at all.  Persians make very happy and contented strictly indoor only house-cats, and if they have never been out then they will not miss it.  Their future is very important to us and we have to feel we have done our very best to ensure that they are placed into the right families.  
We would appreciate news and photos of our past kittens from time to time and are here to help for the lifetime of the kitten should you need advice or help. 



  Corinne and Bob

This is a view of the back of our house, Arcadia Mill

We also have chickens and a new cockerel, Mac, courtesy of Freecycle!!!
Cheeky lays blue eggs and likes to come into the kitchen, although she knows she is not allowed to, and jump up and steal food from the worktop!

Mac & Cheeky

Mac is our new cockerel........he came to us (after Sparky died) courtesy of Freecycle!!



Some of our cats at play in one of their cat-safe gardens. Katya, Ellie, Kerenza, Whimsey, Annika and Angelica.

Abra running through hoops!
Anjelica loves gardening
Tired in the Tunnel

1This is Abra trying to conquer those lower notes in her scales on the grand piano !!!


Angharad the pygmy goat enjoying the sunshine

Cornish flag

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